Custom Care Instructions

So you just ordered some custom shoes and you don't know how to clean and maintain them? We got you fam!

All of our custom shoes are finished with a waterproof coating for extra protection. Although your customs were prepped and sealed from start to finish, this does not exempt them from scratching and scuffing so treat them just as you would treat your favorite pair of shoes (even though these are now your favorite pair of shoes *inserts winkie face*).

Storing your customs

Always keep your shoes in the box when not in use, keep the wax paper inside to keep the shoes separated, and lastly ALWAYS keep the tissue paper in the toe of the shoe to prevent creasing.

Cleaning your customs

Do not use harsh chemicals, such as bleach, to clean your shoes. We recommend using Angelus Brand "Easy Cleaner" on all customs because it has a multi-surface use such as suede, leather, and nylon. If you do not wish to use Angelus "Easy Cleaner" you can use another shoe cleaner or baby wipes.

We highly recommend using a microfiber cloth to apply shoe cleaner directly to and then wipe shoes in a circular motion to remove dirt and buildup, do not scrub abrasively. A soft brush or sponge can also be used.

Once your customs have reached your desired level of cleanness. Use a dry microfiber cloth to dry your shoes off.

That's it, super easy! If you take care of your shoes, they will take care of you!... Not really true, it just sounded good, nonetheless, take care of your shoes!


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